Our expertise includes a wide range of computing services. We have a skilled team of programmers and developers. We also handle back end support systems for various services and products.The development of softwares, websites, and mobile applications across various platforms ismade as per customer requirement. Our team is also well equipped for E-Commerce and Marketing in either of the modes (that is desktop mode or mobile mode).

Election Management:

* Election Management Software. Android and Desktop based

* All type of election material like printed T-Shirts, Caps, Masks Flags and many more.

* Bluetooth printers

* Color and Black and White Voter Slip, Family letters

* Booth Kit. Boothwise and Aplphabetical Printed voter list with stationary material.

* Bulk SMS, Bulk Voice and Bulk Whatsapp

* Facebook Marketing

* Toll Free. No. + IVR.

* Team for Campaigning

* War room team and war room setup.

* Audio, Video Clips and Documentry

* LED Van

* LED Cycle Solar Light without manpower

* Dummy Ballet Machine

Website Development:

Thee Forces of the internet have brought the world to your doorsteps, which is not less than any miracle you know. You demand and you get, easy equation of today’s world. Distance is not a grave concern, if you have the idea to make our world happier. Your very own ‘website’ is a digital face of your work to the outside world beyond your reach, but just one click away! Are you a company? NGO? Educational institution?

We cater all your requirements depending upon your work. With the support of a dynamic team, we can shape your idea more speedily and efficiently, on any platform. Come with us and we’ll build your digital face for the needy ones out there.

Mobile Application Development:

The world is a small place if you have a smartphone in your pocket, isn’t it?Sharing your ideas, emotions, initiatives have become so much easier. Goneare the days of long waiting periods and lines, when you have the modern magical wand, your smartphone. This is the reason why you can buy movie tickets, order food, your favorite gadget and even much more.

Share your ideas with us to build a unique mobile application as per your requirement. Our experts have the necessary qualification along with the much needed zeal and you’re ready to dominate the competition.


Well, the existing market is shedding its old skin and becoming more and more dynamic. International brands competing with national ones have caused even smaller items like needle get sold online. Moreover, people cansell their products to the Far East or West with ease and less difficulty. This the power of E-commerce!

Want to mark your presence in this competitive E-commerce market? Then,we are the ultimate solution for your endeavor. Our technical skills and experience will definitely help you to build your presence.

Software Development:

Competition is getting highly complex and so our widening choices. Eventually, our usual problems are also turning dynamic and we don’t have dynamic solutions to deal with them. Here comes the software industry, which eases your complexity and renders a solution efficiently. This industry is ever increasing and penetrating the age old barriers. With the help of software, you can even pay your electricity bill or book an appointment!Looking for a helping hand?

Your wait ends here! We have an array of innovative and technical minds which would help you to create your idea easily and implement it even more easily.

Bulk/Group SMS Services:

Our life has become fast, so our working habits. With constrained time, we have to achieve more than we desire. Communication has achieved pronounced importance these days. It is certainly developed, but time for communicating is very limited.

Are you a politician? An Educational institution? Or a company? Willing to share your work? Then, we have this unique facility of server based bulk SMS services at your disposal with 100% success. Share with us your message and it will reach your targets in no time.


We often see different brands selling similar products and still dominating their respective market share. Advertisements have broken their conventional barriers and now entered into the arena of social media and what not! It’s pretty simple, if you have the proper words and ideas to sell, your product will hit the market. But how to do it?

Your search ends here because we have the expertise to sell even ice to the Eskimo! Just tell us your requirements and relax .Be it Twitter or Facebook or platform of your choice, competitive market oriented marketing guaranteed.

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