Along with our services, our customers are also benefited with our featured products in the last few years. RAJTANTRA and MARKET YARD MANAGEMENT are two of our flagship softwares which have become very popular among their respective customer bases. Both these softwares are result oriented and easy to handle to the end user. Apart from these two products, various softwares which can provide automation to many day to day operations of a variety of workplaces are in the pipeline.


The Loksabha election of 2014 marked revolution in the Indian political campaigning. Innovative slogans, advertisements, endorsements reached their zenith during the campaigning. Also, the social networking sites which remained dormant till 2014, became the hot turf for political aspirants. This could be namedas the first revolution since many years and we are here with another revolution which is set to usher in coming years. The name of the revolution is ‘Rajtantra’.

Rajtantra is an election database management software designed especially taking into cognizance all the predictable and unpredictable developments in the world’slargest democracy, Indian democracy. It’s adroit in combing human efforts with modern day technology to bring efficacy in the campaigning process. Also, this is asingle technocratic platform where it can be used to satiate the user demands at any level of elections, Cooperative elections or Panchayati Raj Elections or Municipal elections or even general elections.

It enables the user to synchronize data across mobile or tablet or desktop PC’s. Onfeeding the data, it identifies voters as per their name, number, area and other ancillary heads. The peculiarity of this software lies in its command on centralized data handling and booth list updates.

Several other peculiarities are as follows:

15 type of Reports

Karyakarta Management

Booth committee management

Voting day management (Online/Offline)

Voter’s Survey (Online/Offline)

Previous Election Analysis (Boothwise)

Image, Video, Audio, Image voter slip share on Whatsapp

Voter Slip Printing on almost all type of Bluetooth Printer

Bulk SMS + Voice call.

Voter slip Printing (Colour And Black & white)

Online Voter Search Engine.

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